Architects & Interior Designers, Welcome to Technology Driven Smart Future Spaces

If you Google ‘world population 2050’, you would realise that the world’s population would reach 10 billion by the year 2050. Interestingly, half of this population, i.e. over 5 billion people, will be residing in Asia. These statistics are a reflection of thickly crowded metropolitan cities. 

The needs of all these populated cities, and the billions of people in them, are changing with the latest technological advancements that are shaping the way people live. By technologies we do not just mean the applications in your phone, but also the technologies that automate day-to-day activities.

Are you intrigued by what the future holds? And how to tap into the technology that can make you stand out among your peers? Here are your answers-

Internet of Things and Smart Spaces

What do they mean for Architects and Interior Designers?

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to making the most out of utilizing its power with devices other than just mobile phones, tablets or laptops. Such devices are termed as ‘Smart Devices’. And a home or an office loaded with such smart devices is known as a ‘Smart Space’. Or more specifically a ‘Smart Home’ or a ‘Smart Office’.

With the growing demand in these IoT smart devices, it is gradually becoming necessary for the Architects and Interior Designers to include them in their designs. The era of including only modular kitchens is long gone. People now prefer to include smart devices in their lifestyle. While smart devices ease out life and make it feel like a wonder, they also help in increasing the resale value of a property.

How to buy and install Smart Devices?

The market of IoT enabled smart devices is still growing in India. There are many ventures that provide smart devices to make lives smarter. But unlike others, zunpulse offers a wide range of these smart devices under one roof.

From bulbs to security systems, we have a wide range of intelligent devices that can make your projects smarter. Smart Security Device provides security with which you can build houses of glass for your customers. Apart from homes, the structures in which you can most efficiently club your skills with our smart devices are, co-working and co-living. Check out all zunpulse products here.

Can you think of more ways in which zunpulse smart devices can change the future of Architects? Share with us in the comment section below.

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