How Smart Devices Can Make Co-Living Hassle-Free

Smart devices and co-living go hand in hand. IoT has the power to make co-living smarter and hassle free.

After the concept of co-working, co-living is creating waves among the millennials. It is the new way of living for studying and working professionals. Along with the modern idea of living and working together, co-living communities are also employing the latest technology to make life easier, smarter, more secure and, most importantly, hassle-free.

IoT and Co-living

The modern concept of co-living becomes more modern with the help of IoT i.e. Internet of Things. The concept of IoT is a simple one- to utilise the power of the internet beyond mobiles, tablets, laptops and such. Based on this concept, companies are designing Smart Devices according to their areas of expertise. But a few others are manufacturing a whole range of Smart Devices that are set to change your life for good.

zunpulse is one such brand. We at zupulse curate a wide range of Smart Devices that make co-living a fulfilling experience in India.

While we have a whole range of products for your co-living requirements, we will first introduce you to an innovative state-of-the-art Smart Device— Smart Energy Monitor.

1.) How can a Smart Energy Monitor enhance your co-living life?

Once you have understood what a Smart Energy Monitor does, you would be left wondering where this product was your whole life! Here is how a Smart Energy Monitor can change your co-living life-

A Smart Energy Monitoring system provides the user with real-time energy usage. This helps in easily managing and splitting energy bills while living in a co-living community.

Here is a view of how the zunpulse App would help you to take control of your energy consumption.

Energy Monitor zunpulse App

2.) Smart Communities with Smart Devices

We believe that the trends in Smart Homes loaded with smart devices can also be adopted in co-living communities. As an example, a zunpulse Smart Bulb or Smart Ceiling Light can be controlled to change colours and modes according to your mood. Such a light which is smarter than the traditional one, can be utilised in a co-living space to make studying and working an enjoyable activity.

Apart from that, zunpulse Smart Plug can help you make most of the home appliances smart. So, no worries if you forgot to switch off a heavy load appliance while leaving for work or college!

This video gives you an insight into how easy it is to set up a Smart Device:

3.) Convert your old AC and TV into Smart ones

If your co-living space and your budget does not allow you to buy the latest model of Smart AC or Smart TV, here is an easy and affordable solution that you need. Smart AC and TV Remote convert your old appliances into new and smart ones.

Take a look at how the remote works:

You can share the access to all the smart devices with your co-living partners. For every device, there is an option of ‘Share device’ that lets your flatmates/housemates get the same controls on their phones through the zunpulse App.

Are you co-living with your study-mates or work-mates? Check out to make your life simpler and focus only on your projects.

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