Meet the zunpulse smart energy monitor

Keep an eye on your electricity usage, no matter where you are.

Smart devices, powered by IoT technology, have evolved over the years. We have seen some of the most amazing things being done by these devices. Things that we only saw in the 90s sci-fi movies. Or things that we only imagined the future would hold. We can control the lights with motion or even by voice. Simply ask the lights to turn off or on. We can also set schedules to turn them on or off at desired times.

One of the latest additions to the smart devices portfolio is the smart energy monitoring system. As the name suggests, this smart device helps you monitor your electricity usage. How does it work? What does it allow us to do? Let us find out.

Smart Energy Monitor

While most of the smart devices help one in automating tasks, this one is different. The smart energy monitor helps you monitor your electricity usage. This smart device is connected to the main power supply of the house/ room which needs to be monitored. Then, the device takes readings from the flow of electricity and sends the data for you to see through your smartphone.

The data that is displayed on your smartphone includes:

  • Current electricity usage
  • Previous month’s electricity usage data
  • AC/Geyser and Non-AC/Geyser appliances electricity usage data

This data proves to be important when trying to keep a check on your electricity usage. It helps you discover opportunities to save on electricity bills.

But what is really interesting is the fact that you can monitor this data from wherever you are. Since the smart energy monitor is Wi-Fi enabled, its output data can be accessed even when you are not at home. Check out the zunpulse smart energy monitor here.

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