Meet the zunpulse smart security system

Smart technology has enhanced many areas of life as we know it. One of the most important ones is- security. Thanks to smart security systems, we have a better sense of security even when we are not at home. Let’s find out what the zunpulse smart security system offers.

The zunpulse smart security system

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The zunpulse smart security system consists of three main components that keep your smart house’s security in check. These components are:

  1. Door sensor
  2. Motion sensor
  3. Siren
smart security components- motion sensor, door sensor, siren
3-in-1 Smart Security

The door sensor has two components that are adjusted on the door and the frame of the door. As soon as the door is opened in your absence, the siren will start buzzing. That’s not all. You will also get an instant push notification on your mobile phone, wherever you are. 

The motion sensor works in a similar manner. You can use this in your balconies or lawn areas. These areas are more prone to intrusions. The motion sensor has a range of 2m and thus it can detect any intruders trying to break their way in. In a similar way like that of the door sensor, in case of breach, the siren will start buzzing and you will also get an instant push notification.

Check out this video for a better understanding of the zunpulse smart security system.

Modes of the security system

It is good to have the added security when you are out of the house. But when you are at home, you can also easily switch off the security system with the home mode. Here are the modes of the zunpulse smart security-

  • Lock- To arm your security device
  • Home- To home arm your security device
  • Unlock- To disarm your security device

These modes help you easily operate your smart security. Check out the smart security system here.

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