What is a Smart Room?

In the 21st century, every space is going smart. Every space has a new initial, ‘smart’. We have smart homes, smart hospitals, smart gyms, smart hotels, smart restaurants, smart buildings, smart cities and smart life. Among all these terms, there is another one- a smart room.

So what is a smart room?

It is simply a room which is laced with devices powered by IoT technology. It can be a room in a hospital, a classroom, a library, a hotel room, or simply your room at your home. A typical smart room in the current times would consist of some of these smart devices (or more).

1. Smart Bulb

2. Smart Plug

3. Smart AC/ Smart Thermostat / Smart AC Remote

4. Smart TV/ Smart TV Remote

What do these smart devices do?

These smart devices can be scheduled to adapt to your lifestyle. They can also be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world with a single touch on your mobile phone. With the latest technology, you can ask Alexa to turn on the lights to party mode and create an ambience of your choice in your room. Or you can simply turn on the AC on your way to the room so as to enter a pre-cooled room. That’s a smart room.

In a hospital, access to the smart camera can make it possible to keep in touch with a family member as it allows two way communication. That’s a smart room.

In a hotel, you can share access to all the IoT devices in a room with your guests. And easily revoke the access at checkout! That’s a smart room.

Even a classroom can be smart with all the smart devices. Smart boards, smart lights, smart air conditioning systems. That’s a smart room.

It is a building block to a smart house, and also a smart life. Check out some smart devices here and create your own smart room!

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