Must-Have Features of a Smart Plug

Among the happening attractions of the irresistibile smart devices available in the market, smart plug is a wonder. It can convert any appliance smart. Here is more about the zunpulse smart plug.

Smart devices are enabling the world with automated day to day tasks. This has made life exciting, more comfortable and convenient. In India, smart plugs are gaining popularity. With so many brands offering the same product, what are the features that a smart plug must offer? 

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Features of a Smart Plug that you should look out for

Whenever you plan to buy a smart plug, make sure it has these following features:

Wi-Fi Enabled

The smart plug you buy should be Wi-Fi enabled. Some smart devices are bluetooth enabled instead of Wi-Fi. This limits the smart device’s boundaries. With Wi-Fi, you can operate and monitor the smart device from anywhere in the world. Hence making it a better option.

Imagine you are on your way home from the office. And you feel the need for a hot water bath. With a Wi-Fi enabled smart plug, you can simply turn on the geyser on the way. 


Power supply control is a common feature found across all smart plugs. But scheduling is something that not all smart plugs have. With the help of this feature you can schedule your smart device to turn on or off at designated time.

Taking the example of the geyser again, imagine that you and your family wake up at 7 in the morning to prepare for a busy day. What if you could schedule the geyser to turn on at 6:50am, before your alarm goes off? Wouldn’t it be such a relief to get hot water ready as and when you are free from other chores and ready to take that refreshing bath? On that note, sometimes we forget to switch appliances off. How about we schedule them to turn off too?

This feature takes off some stress from your busy morning schedule.
With this information, you are now all set to buy a smart plug for your smart home. You can check out the zunpulse smart plug here.

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