Smarter, Better Security with Smart Devices

Having a secure home that takes care of itself, is a dream come true. One can instantly imagine a stress-free life that they have longed for. With smart security devices, a smart home has better security.

Smart devices have entered many spheres of our lives, including security. A traditional security includes a lock and key, or two locks and two keys, or 10 locks and one key. There are variants depending on the level of stress and the number of thefts in the area. Sometimes security even means the sacrifice of one person to stay at home while the whole family enjoys a party or a holiday.

Smart Security Devices

We do a lot for our home’s safety while hampering our peace of mind. But technology has dived in and everyday, new solutions are being built. We now have cameras, motion sensors, door locks. The latest technology now lets you monitor your house 24*7, wherever you are. This latest technology also sends you instant alerts on your mobile phone.

Here are some amazing security devices that are driven by IoT, Internet of Things, and are known as smart devices.

Smart Camera

Smart Cameras are quite like regular surveillance cameras, but better, much better. zunpulse offers smart cameras that are weather resistant, have night vision, and since they are smart, they have real time monitoring and a two-way communication feature. This makes them suitable for both indoors and outdoors. You can keep an eye on everyone- intruders, kids, pets, everyone!

zunpulse smart camera
Smart Camera

Smart Doorbell

Want to know who is at the door without walking there? Or when you are not at home? The smart doorbell is the perfect smart device to replace peeping holes. Whenever someone rings the bell, you will get a notification on your phone even when you are not at home. You can then have a two-way communication with the person without him/her suspecting you are not at home!

Smart Doorbell zunpulse
Smart Doorbell

Smart Security System

A system that alerts you whenever someone tries to intrude. This smart security device comes with a door sensor, a motion sensor and a siren. As soon as someone tries to force in, they will alert the sensors. This in turn will send an instant notification on your phone.

Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks are a very popular smart device used worldwide. You can control your door’s lock with a simple touch on your phone. Forgot to lock the door while leaving in a hurry? Worried whether you closed the door after you or not? You can simply use your phone to control the lock.

Which of these smart security devices did you like the most? Share with us in the comments section below.

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