Smart House Movie: What came true

Back in 1999, Disney introduced us to the house of the future which wasn’t assisted by Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. But rather, by PAT. 20 years later, the Smart House movie is becoming a reality.

The Smart House movie introduced us to some alien concepts about what a futuristic home would feel like. We couldn’t have imagined it coming true while watching the movie in 1999. But now, things are different with the advancement in IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. This piece of writing will highlight what came true and what is yet to be achieved.

Smart House Movie | What Came True | A Checklist

Digital Assistant – Check

In the movie we had PAT. Coming to 2020, we have many digital assistants available in the form of smart speakers that can be placed throughout the house for a smart experience.

Automated Cleaning – Check

Smart vacuum cleaners are the stars of 2020 as cleaning is no longer a tedious task. You can schedule the vacuum cleaners to clean at a designated time. Or you can also train them to clean when no one is at home!

Smart Thermostats – Check

They have been on the Earth’s history and geography for some time now. But in 2020, we can operate smart thermostats with motion control and voice control. It is exactly like in the Smart House movie.

Smart Security Cameras – Check

Apart from door locks, smart security cameras are a bane for security. With these get the benefit of real-time monitoring for both indoor and outdoor. With the two-way talk feature in some smart cameras, you can even communicate with your kids and pets!

Smart Locks- Check

Security has reached a new level with smart technology. Smart door locks are a part of that. These locks can be opened and closed with a simple touch on your smartphone.

Coloured Lighting – Check

Smart lighting is probably the most popular smart device that has flooded the smart devices market. There are millions of colour choices and many modes to suit your mood. Just like the Smart House movie, these lights can be controlled by voice and also, by motion. They can also be controlled remotely by a smartphone.

Smart Kitchen – Yet to come true

While there are many smart kitchen devices that have eased the cooking process, we are yet to achieve PAT’s expertise level. Smart kitchens are a dream that are slowly coming to a reality. Maybe when a similar article would be written in 2030, the writer would simultaneously be giving a command to make lunch!

Smart Coffee Maker – Check

With the help of a smart plug, one can make almost any appliance smart, including the coffee maker. One can then control and monitor its power supply and schedule it to turn on or off at a desired time.

Huge Screens – Check

Entertainment has been a dear vertical of smart technology. Now, in 2020, one can have projectors and the perfect smart sound system to enhance the experience of a movie.

Video Calling – Check

Isn’t that the feature that has got us through the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Smart House movie really did show the future of living. But IoT is promising us to take even further into the future with some life changing technology. Did we miss anything futuristic that was portrayed in the movie and came true? Share with us in the comments section below.

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