5 Most Popular Smart Devices

Home automation is upgrading the way humans live and we have discovered that some smart devices are more popular than others. 

With each day there are more smart devices in the market for general public’s use. These are making life more convenient and comfortable. They are making life easier. Everyone is talking to their smart speakers to get things done. Here are some of the most popular smart devices that people have invested in the most. Devices that have appealed to humanity and their smart homes. Let’s find out!

Most Popular Smart Devices

5. Temperature Control

Among other smart home devices, smart temperature control is one of the most popular ones. When people are still getting to know more about smart technology and its reliability, smart temperature control is something that they can relate to and easily understand. Thermostats that can self-learn and accordingly change the room temperature are a new and popular device.

zunpulse offers smart AC remotes with which you can turn your old ACs smart. With this, you can schedule your ACs to turn off or on at desired time. In fact, you can also turn your AC unit on while on your way back home from the office to enter a pre-cooled room.

4. Smart Lighting

Lights have been one of the most popular smart devices. These are also the most exciting smart devices. With various colour options, intensity control, music, party, date night and movie modes, you get a whole new experience of living life. These can be controlled with your mobile phone. zunpulse offer a choice of 16 million colours to sync with every mood.

3. Smart Speakers

With the rise in smart devices and smart homes, smart speakers are becoming a fan favourite. These are bringing forth the idea of voice command. You can ask your smart speaker to turn off the lights of the porch and your command will be followed through given that you have smart lights on your porch.

2. Video Entertainment

When watching a video, it should be a wholesome experience. We are in the age where we have Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, the Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Avengers, Interstellar and so many more movies that are not just about video and audio. With smart homes, people are now looking forward to grasping the essence of these movies and TV shows with the right lighting, sound, video and even the right cozy temperature.

1. Smart Security

With the internet of things, security has painted a whole new picture. Smart cameras, video doorbells, door locks and security systems with motion sensors have brought a revolution. You can now keep an eye on your smart home even when you are miles away. Smart security devices are the most sought after and most popular smart devices.

Which of these 5 most popular smart devices are you planning to add to your smart home? Share with us in the comments section below.

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