What are the reasons to start home automation in 2020

Reason 1 to start home automation: It is 2020. You are in a decade that is about to witness major technological changes.

You might have heard about the terms ‘smart home’ or ‘home automation’. This is because the concept is gaining traction. And within a couple of years, all your neighbours would be flaunting their smart homes and their lavish comfortable lives. That would have been the ideal timeline of growth of smart devices in India, but then COVID happened. And lockdown happened. And time freezed. But the craze for smart homes, intensified!

Smart lighting options have already taken over the Indian market. But these smart lights are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many many smart devices out there that are set to change life as we know it.

Since you are here to find out reasons about why you should start home automation in 2020, here are some:

Reasons to start home automation in 2020

Start home automation in 2020

1. It is the perfect time to flaunt

This is the perfect time to go smart when people are still getting educated about the concept. You can be the first among your peers to convert your abode into a smart home. In fact, you could be the trend setter among your peers!

2. It is the perfect time for you to lead a more comfortable life

Humans started with the invention of fire, to the invention of the wheel and eventually over the time period, the invention of smartphones. Life has always been more comfortable than the past. This is the time for smart homes and making life more comfortable and more accessible than ever before. Thus, it is time to start home automation in 2020.

plug and play smart devices
1 App + 2 Step = 3 Times Smarter Life

3. It is the perfect time to move forward with time

Sooner or later, smart home technology (IoT) will be an integral part of our lives. It is already a part of the western world’s lives. So why not start moving forward with time?

4. It is the perfect time for the women to be free from the tag of household work

Moving forward, the concept of smart homes will not only be easing out life, but it will also be giving women the equality they deserve. Automating your home means automating most of the household chores. It also omits the requirement of one person to stay at home for security reasons. In India, this means women can also enjoy their chance at their dreams.

Have you found your reason to start home automation in 2020? What else do you think could be a reason? Share with us in the comments section below.

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