How much would it cost to turn your 2 BHK apartment into a Luxury Smart Home?

While upgrading your 2 BHK apartment, it is more efficient to convert it into a smart home rather than installing a modular kitchen.

Thinking of upgrading your 2 BHK into an apartment that is a class apart? There are so many things that you could change. For starters, you could change the flooring, beautify the ceilings, or maybe add a modular kitchen that makes you feel straight out of the movies. All this will turn out to be really heavy on your pockets. Not only that, these modifications would require a lot of time and resources.

On the other hand, you could turn your 2 BHK into a smart home with easy to install smart devices. Within a few steps and almost half the investment, you can turn your 2 BHK apartment into a lavish technology-laden smart home.

This is a guide of how much the process would cost.

How much would it cost to convert you 2 BHK into a Smart Home?

Let’s get down to estimating while understanding the smart devices you would require.

2 BHK Smart Home
2 BHK Smart Home Plan
Smart Bulb

Lights are a necessary addition to your home. Similarly, smart lights are a necessary addition to your smart home. Evey room requires one to two bulbs depending on the size of the room.

Smart Bulbs offer you the chance to create the perfect ambiance with 16 million colour choices. Not only this, smart bulbs can also be controlled to change intensity according to the comfort of the eyes.

Smart Bulb Features
Smart Bulb
Smart Plug

Make your geysers, charging points, microwave, coffee maker and other appliances, smart. With smart plugs, you can control any appliances in your 2 BHK apartment thus making it a true smart home. In fact, you can also schedule these appliances to turn on or off.

Smart Doorbell

This is one of the most beneficial smart devices that provides you the comfort, security and luxury of smart homes. With the zunpulse smart doorbell, you never have to walk to the door to know who is knocking. It’s two way communication feature allows you to check who is at the door even when you are not at home. 

Smart Doorbell zunpulse
Smart Doorbell
Smart TV Remote and Smart AC Remote

These remotes turn your old AC and TV units into smart ones at minimal price. You do not need to buy new ACs or TVs and thus, you save a lot of money that can instead be utilised in turning your 2 BHK apartment into a smart home.

Smart Energy Monitor

A smart energy monitoring system guides you with opportunities to save on electricity bills. This smart device gives you access to real-time energy usage of your home. Not only this, you can also track which appliances are adding the most to your bills.

Another version of the energy monitor is the prepaid energy meter which is quite useful while renting out a room or living in a co-living arrangement. With this, you can control power supply at room level.

All these devices, and more, would cost you around Rs 50,000 to completely renovate your 2 BHK apartment into a smart home. You could start small and plan to expand later. Or you could go all in and get all the appliances to make the most out of your smart home. Which one would you be doing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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